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IVC Recruiting - Applicants

Getting To Know You
IVC's encounter with an applicant begins with a referral or the response to an advertisement. We evaluate your resume, and determine if there is a good fit with one of our existing or upcoming openings. If the answer is yes, an initial interview will be setup, including a thorough question and answer session, skill testing, and resume writing assistance, as needed.

Your Priorities Matter
IVC's goal is to assist you in finding a job where you will be happy and successful. During our initial interview, we discuss why you are looking for a new job, and what your priorities are in the search process. The commute, the salary, the opportunity for advancement, and the work environment are important to us all, but you know best which is the most important to you. We listen to you, and make the best match possible for you, given your priorities.

A New Job
IVC will send your resume to select clients, following the initial interview. Upon receiving a positive response, we schedule an appointment with the actual employer. When you accept a new job, the fee is paid by the employer. What we ask for from our applicants is an honest portrayal of prior work and educational experience, and clear communication about the level of interest in and commitment to a new position. Above all, our interaction with you is completely confidential.

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